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Sustainability in Philosophy

Each month our members come together via video forum to discuss our current projects and goals. Please see our recent and future topics below. If you are interested in joining future forums, please reach out to us by emailing us at philosophersforsustainability@gmail.com. We would love for you to join us!

  • March 2019: Sustainability Advocacy in Philosophy Organizations
  • April 2019: Drafting Sustainable Practices Guidelines
  • June 2019: Member Suggestions for Sustainability Guidelines
  • July 2019: The APA Good Practices Guide
  • August 2019: Teaching Sustainability
  • September 2019: Our Sustainability Guidelines
  • October 2019: Sustainability Advocacy
  • November 2019: Sustainability Resources
  • December 2019: Climate Change and Public Philosophy
  • February 2020: Climate Strike Support
  • March 2020: E-vents & E-Conferences

Advocacy in
National Philosophy Associations

Drawing on similar efforts in the United Kingdom, the American Philosophical Association has recently drafted a good practices guide for philosophers, which has already been widely read and influential in a range of departments. In 2019, Philosophers for Sustainability ran an advocacy campaign to encourage the American Philosophical Association to distribute guidelines on sustainable practices. We then collectively drafted, discussed, revised, and submitted a set of guidelines. In February 2020, the APA published its revised Good Practices Guide that now ends with our sustainability guidelines. These are the main professional guidelines in our field in a large and influential country, going out to about 10,000 APA members who teach some number of millions of students every year. Getting a fraction of those members to consider and adopt more sustainable practices is a real victory!

A big THANK YOU to everyone who participated in drafting, discussing, revising, and advocating for the guidelines throughout 2019. We encourage all our members, and other interested philosophers, to hold local events on sustainability and/or climate change for your department or other philosophical community (including undergraduates), in which you can use these guidelines as a starting point for discussion of practices, plans, and advocacy in your community. We have some experience with these and are happy to share materials such as flyers and agendas, as well as putting you in touch with nearby Philosophers for Sustainability members whenever possible. Please let us know afterwards how the event goes and share any useful guideline or advocacy suggestions with us!

Please find the Sustainability Guidelines HERE.

Advocacy in
Philosophy Departments

Many campuses and philosophy departments are ripe for interested philosophers to take on local projects that promote sustainability. You can hold discussions or events in your department or city, start a reading group, advise current and new students groups on campus, help local climate groups get access to your campus, incorporate sustainability into the concerns of your Minorities and Philosophy chapter, or partner with local groups to lead conversations on climate issues outside academic. Any of these would encourage people around to think and talk about their role in climate change. We are happy to help coordinate people who want to take on such projects, and put you in touch with each other.

Integrating the
Environment into our Teaching

The International Society for Environmental Ethics has an excellent collection of syllabi for courses related to the environment. We are beginning a complementary collection of philosophy syllabi that aim to include material on the environment in courses that are not primarily about the environment. Introductory courses in general, as well as courses on the philosophy of science, responsibility, oppression, atrocity, future generations and many other topics, raise issues in which climate change looms large. As climate change increasingly impacts most aspects of life on this planet, is it more naturally included in a very wide range of teaching. If you have a syllabus you would like to share, please send it to philosophersforsustainability@gmail.com.

We have many other projects we would like to take on and we are in the process of starting some of them. Stay tuned for more, and please get in touch with any proposals!