Symposium: Reconceiving Structural Change

Symposium: Reconceiving Structural Change

Thursday, June 1oth, 12:30-1:45pm (EST) 

Pre-watch and pre-read with live Q&A

    • Chair: Kian Mintz-Woo (University College Cork)
    • “Climate Change, Individualism, and Structuralism” — Michael Brownstein (John Jay College / CUNY Graduate Center), Alex Madva (Cal Poly Pomona) and Dan Kelly (Purdue)
    • “Climate Migration in the Pluriverse” — Romy Opperman (The New School)
    • “Democracy, Justice, and Socially Sustainable Energy” — Eric Godoy (Illinois State University)

"Climate Change, Individualism, and Structuralism" -- Michael Brownstein, Alex Madva, and Dan Kelley

"Climate Migration in the Pluriverse" -- Romy Opperman

"Democracy, Justice, and Socially Sustainable Energy" -- Eric Godoy