Advocacy Teams

Philosophers for Sustainability has formed advocacy groups to pursue multiple projects.

You are welcome to join one or more of these groups if a project interests you!

To join a group, please join us as a member and indicate your interests when you fill out the Membership Form.


This team works to build support for digital and hybrid formats at conferences, colloquia, and other philosophy events, through advocacy, innovation, and resource sharing.

Team Leaders:

Jeremy Bendik-Keymer:

Colin Marshall:

On-Campus Advocacy

This team works to encourage and support on-campus sustainability advocacy efforts in which philosophers find productive ways to contact college dean, start or join a sustainability task force, adapt our guidelines for your institution, advocate for a practical discussion of sustainability at faculty meetings in all departments at your institution, involve student leaders, support students in their advocacy projects, and help give off-campus groups access to students.

Team Leader:

In progress

Public Philosophy

This team works to undertake, and help encourage and organize others to undertake, public philosophy efforts related to climate change or sustainability more broadly, such as public lectures, neighborhood group discussions of climate change, and/or a series of written pieces in public-facing journals, newspapers, and blogs.

Team Leader:

Heidi Schmidt:

Resource Gathering

This team works to gather, organize, and distribute useful resources for philosophers interested in promoting sustainable practices, including practically minded brief guides or “starter kits” for philosophers new to sustainability advocacy or to particular aspects of it.

Team Leader:

Andrew MacDonald:

Social Media Outreach

This team works to use Twitter and other social media to advocate for sustainability, share updates about what Philosophers for Sustainability and its members are doing, and share and provide commentary on sustainability- and climate change-related local and global news, promoting substantive discussion whenever possible.

Team Leaders:

Lynn Chiu:

Heidi Schmidt:

Climate Strike Support

This team works to help inform and organize people, including our members, to offer meaningful, appropriate support to the continually growing youth-led strikes (especially the massive strike planned for the 50th anniversary Earth Day, April 22.) We help recruit and support young people and put them in touch with strike leaders, and encourage faculty to support the strikes.

Team Leader:

Eugene Chislenko:

Teaching Hub

This team works to come up with and implement ways to advocate for course offerings on climate change and environmental sustainability, integration of these issues into a wide range of other teaching contexts, and discussion of effective teaching strategies, and organize discussions among philosophy teachers locally and at larger events such as philosophy conferences, conferences on teaching, and the APA Teaching Hub.

Team Leader:

Rebecca Millsop: